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Urgent Dental Care

Emergency Dentist in Los Angeles

Urgent Dental Care

Do you have a dental emergency in LA?
Dental emergencies can happen anytime, day or night. If you or a loved one needs urgent dental care in Los Angeles, Dr. Dani may be available to provide the critical emergency treatment you require. Don’t wait. Contact us right away to get the help you need.

Dental Emergency

What is considered a dental emergency?
Any injury to your teeth, gums, our mouth, especially one that results in severe pain or discomfort may require urgent treatment to protect the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

Keep in mind there are also other oral health issues that might not necessarily be painful but will require immediate treatment in order to avoid more serious problems. When in doubt, make the call.

If you experience an injury, trauma, or other issue that seriously impacts the health or appearance of your teeth and mouth, it’s critical to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

What dental problems require urgent care?

Toothaches may seem like mild annoyances, but persistent tooth pain or sensitivity often indicates the presence of a cavity or tooth damage that extends to the nerve. More severe pain indicates a higher level of damage, which should be addressed immediately to minimize discomfort.

Dr. Dani will diagnose your case based on the underlying cause of your toothache(s) and recommend an appropriate treatment, such as tooth-colored fillings, crowns, or root canal. He may use X-rays to determine the severity of the problem. If the tooth cannot be saved, it will be extracted, after which you can discuss possible tooth replacement options with cosmetic dentistry services like Porcelain Veneers.

Damaged Crown
Porcelain crowns are extremely durable, but it’s not unusual for them to come off or break, particularly when they’ve been in place for a very long time. A damaged crown will not only severely weaken the tooth, but also cause sensitivity or even excruciating pain. If your crown breaks or falls out, it’s crucial to get a replacement as soon as possible to protect and preserve the tooth and eliminate pain and discomfort.

Call Dr. Dani today if you have a damaged crown in Los Angeles and need an urgent replacement.

Dislodged Tooth
If your tooth gets partially or completely knocked out due to a blow to the face or other injury, this is a serious dental emergency that needs to be addressed quickly to prevent you from permanently losing the tooth. When a tooth becomes dislodged after trauma such as an accident or sports injury, it can be salvaged if a dentist can restore it in its socket as soon as possible. This is a dental emergency that demands you to act quickly; so if you’re tooth has become dislodged in the LA area, please call Dr. Dani immediately to get scheduled for emergency dental care in Los Angeles.

Other dental issues that may require urgent care:

  • Broken braces and other dental appliances
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Traumatic injury to the mouth
What to Expect

We want you to feel at ease, knowing that Dr. Dani has a wealth of expertise in treating dental emergencies. No matter the situation, he can help to save and restore your smile.

We recommend that you call our office while on your way, so we can start preparing for emergency treatment before your arrival. When you arrive, Dr. Dani will quickly examine your mouth and face, and take X-rays if necessary. The treatment administered will likely be temporary in nature to first eliminate pain and discomfort, stop the bleeding, and prevent further damage.
After this initial treatment, you’ll need to schedule a follow-up appointment to complete your emergency dental care treatment.

If you have a dental emergency that needs immediate dental care, trust Dr. Dani with the health and appearance of your smile. He will discuss your problem and provide the necessary treatment and guidance to help restore your optimal oral health.

Dental emergency in Los Angeles? Contact us ASAP to preserve your smile. Call (310) 910-9950 today or schedule your appoinment online.

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So glad I found Dr. Dani! Looking forward to getting my perfect smile!
While consulting with Dr. Dani about Invisalign, I at no point felt pressured

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So glad I found Dr. Dani! Looking forward to getting my perfect smile!While consulting with Dr. Dani about Invisalign, I at no point felt pressured nor felt as though he was trying to sell me something. Thank you so much.

Dani is amazing. He has incredible bed-side manner, thoroughly went through the process, recommended a strategy to address all the goals and he did everything as promised.