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Invisible Dental Bridge

The standard for good dental bridgework is when you essentially have an invisible dental bridge. Dental bridgework is a cost-effective way to fill gaps and spaces between the teeth and restore your smile. Some people may perceive gaps in their teeth as endearing and even beautiful. But for most, large gaps in the smile are sources of insecurity and even shame, causing people to smile and laugh less and hide their teeth. In addition to the aesthetic downsides, gaps that are left unattended can cause the surrounding teeth to gradually shift to fill them in, resulting in a bad bite, increased risk of periodontal disease and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and an aged appearance.

Porcelain: The Real Invisible Dental Bridge

Porcelain bridges can be matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth and fitted perfectly for comfort, confidence, and a long-lasting smile to help you live your best life.

There are different types of dental bridges, so you should consult with Dr. Dani for a thorough examination to discuss your treatment options. If you have a large gap in your smile, don’t wait any longer to find a solution.

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So glad I found Dr. Dani! Looking forward to getting my perfect smile!While consulting with Dr. Dani about Invisalign, I at no point felt pressured nor felt as though he was trying to sell me something. Thank you so much.

Dani is amazing. He has incredible bed-side manner, thoroughly went through the process, recommended a strategy to address all the goals and he did everything as promised.