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Damaged Tooth Repair: Porcelain Crown

When looking for damaged tooth repair options, Dr. Dani may recommend porcelain crown placement to strengthen the structural integrity of the tooth, restore its proper size, shape, and function, and improve its appearance.

Teeth are naturally strong, but years of wear and tear, decay, trauma, or other damage can weaken the teeth and compromise their functioning. Porcelain crown placement is a quick and painless procedure that will give your damaged teeth new life and improve the appearance of your smile.

Dr. Dani is incredible!!! I chipped my front tooth last year and found Dr. Dani after an extensive Google search. I had never had cosmetic work done on my teeth and was nervous about how my front tooth would appear once repaired. I could not be more pleased with the results. I don’t know how he did it, but the tooth looks even better than before I chipped it! Dr. Dani really took the time to listen to my concerns, and he seamlessly repaired the chip. He worked diligently to ensure the teeth were symmetrical and that I was happy with how they looked. I would recommend Dr. Dani to anyone and everyone looking to have cosmetic work done on their teeth. If I didn’t live in LA, I would consider traveling to Dr. Dani if I need any other dental work–that’s how good he is! Thank you so much for your attention to detail & professionalism.UsefulFunnyCool

Brittany B.


Risk factors like genetics, diet, and smoking may make your teeth more susceptible to breakage and damage. Porcelain crowns can be an excellent functional and aesthetic solution to leave your teeth looking and feeling like new.

Dr. Dani will determine if porcelain crowns are the best course of action in your customized treatment plan. To learn more about dental crowns and whether they’re right for you, schedule a consultation with today.

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So glad I found Dr. Dani! Looking forward to getting my perfect smile!While consulting with Dr. Dani about Invisalign, I at no point felt pressured nor felt as though he was trying to sell me something. Thank you so much.

Dani is amazing. He has incredible bed-side manner, thoroughly went through the process, recommended a strategy to address all the goals and he did everything as promised.